Talking With…. Lynda Robbins, IACP President

Lynda talks about several questions, including some submitted from our readers, such as

What is IACP?  What does it do for its members?  How does it support the growth of CP around the world?  the growth into ‘other than divorce’ areas?
If I’m not a professional, why should I care about IACP?  What can I get from a visit to the website?  Why should I care if my professional is a member or not?

Have more questions?  Post them as a comment below and we’ll approach Lynda again as soon as she’s available.


Among the resources Lynda mentions as available on the IACP website is this video Collaborative Divorce: A Safe Place

The full IACP website is here.


Lynda J. Robbins has practiced law and mediation for 30 years in Massachusetts. Ms. Robbins is a graduate of Suffolk University and Suffolk University Law School in Boston, Massachusetts. She presently has a family law settlement practice which includes collaborative family law and mediation. Her practice areas include all aspects of family law including divorce and modifications, custody and visitation issues and paternity matters. She also does court-appointed and private work as a parent coordinator and visitation monitor and serves as a Guardian ad Litem in family matters including divorce and custody disputes. Ms. Robbins is President and a Director of the IACP. She is also a member of ACR and AFCC. Ms. Robbins is a director and past president of the Massachusetts Council on Family Mediation. She is a former President and founding member of the Massachusetts Collaborative Law Council. She is a founding member of the Merrimack Valley Mediators Group and North Suburban Mediators Group. She has written and taught on mediation and collaborative practice. Ms. Robbins was voted one of Boston’s Best Lawyers 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 in Collaborative Family Law and Mediation categories.