“Talking With….” Linda Solomon

Using the Collaborative Process gives a divorcing couple access to ‘coaches’, licensed mental health professionals who will support them in many ways through the process.   Linda Solomon, LPC, LMFT shares with us why having such a person involved in the process is of benefit. She answers questions that many people have about how that works, how it can save money, and how working with such a person can actually help to begin the healing process and form the beginnings of the way their new relationship will look and work.

Here’s our conversation:


Click below to hear this interview that Linda did with Public Media station KERA in Dallas, TX:

Solomon Podcast

LINDA SOLOMON, LPC, LMFT is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with 27 years of private practice in the Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas area. For 18 of her years in practice, she was also licensed as a Chemical Dependency Counselor. Her work with individuals, couples and families has focused on relationship issues and addictive behaviors. She is actively involved in the collaborative team approach, working as a Neutral Mental Health Professional. She is also trained as a Mediator and a Parenting Coordinator. Linda is an internationally sought after presenter and trainer on integrating the skills of a mental health professional in the Collaborative Practice approach to divorce. She is a member of the Lone Star Collaborative Training Team and serves as a mentor to other mental health professionals. She is a former board member of IACP and The Collaborative Law Institute of Texas.  www.collabneutral.com