Back from the Brink. At the Forum


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Back from the Brink. At the Forum

There is an expectation to be transparent, honest, and candid during the collaborative process. It is also an opportunity, due to the safe and secure environment that is created,  to ‘drop bombs’ that might not ordinarily be communicated by the clients one-on-one. In this manner, the safety of the team can become a double edged sword as it can lead to sudden disclosures that rattle the structure and foundation of the process and challenge the team. Using real life situations, the Back from the Brink Workshop will explore the form and content of sudden disclosures and the strategies that can be employed by the collaborative team to address them and  to “Save the Case”.

Workshop # 41 Sunday….At the Forum.  Information and registration here.

Focused on the well being of parents and the protection of children, Attorney Seta Nersessian‘s family law practice primarily uses the power of Collaborative Law and Mediation to help families emerge from difficult situations with clarity and the resources to begin anew.   Also trained as a Parent Coordinator, she brings competence, zeal and compassion to the handling of sensitive matters for families and believes in the ability of individuals to navigate, with guidance, their own outcomes.  Seta is a member of the Bar in Massachusetts and New York and serves on MCLC’s Membership Committee.


For over 20 years, Betsy Ross, LICSW has helped individuals, couples and family members to talk to each other more, fight less, and improve their ability to address issues and problem solve together. She works with couples, families, and individuals as a divorce coach, mediator, and a licensed psychotherapist. Betsy’s work also includes providing training to master’s level social workers, therapists, and counselors in divorce coaching and collaborative divorce. Betsy is also a frequent blogger on divorce and family related issues at the Huffington Post Divorce Blog and for the Sharon Patch. She can be reached via her website at


Maura Sullivan is an advocate and attorney who is committed to mediation, collaborative law and other conflict resolution strategies. An experienced legal generalist, Maura has focused her efforts on enhancing the quality of life for her clients, most recently in the areas of family and probate law, health care and education.  Governed by the twin core beliefs of empowerment and self-determination, Maura is committed to respectfully resolving disputes, often with people in crisis and under volatile circumstances.  Whether in the role of advisor, consultant, counsel, mediator or facilitator, Maura uses a balanced approach of objective analysis, while considering the interests of all stake-holders, to help create positive outcomes for the participants.  She can be reached through the Massachusetts Collaborative Law Council.