Collaborative Practice in Trusts & Estates

Families experience stress and conflict in preparing for and sorting out the transfer of assets when one member passes away.  There are legal influences, financial considerations and emotional elements.  Just as there are in divorce.   Can they benefit from the principles an application of Collaborative Practice?

In September, 2012, a group of professionals, sponsored by Collaborative Practice Silicon Valley,  offered a training tailored to using CP in Trusts and Estates matters.  I had a chance to speak with two of the attendees to get their thoughts on this cutting edge expansion of CP.  Their excitement is pretty contagious, check it out below.

The training was covered by the local news.  See here.

There’s also a LinkedIn Group that is focused on “Other Than Divorce” applications of CP.  Check it out here.

Many thanks to Ellie and Gadi for their time and energy.

   ELLIE IZZO, PhD, LPC, is a Licensed Professional Counselor and has been in clinical practice since 1982. Dr. Izzo developed the Rapid Advance Process, a standardized five step model for building neural pathways to higher thinking which is now widely used to alleviate trauma and stress.  Ellie also serves as a Trainer, Divorce Coach, Child Specialist and/or Team Manager in the process of Collaborative Divorce, whereby a team of professionals help a couple move through divorce respectfully, without litigating. She is co-director of the Collaborative Divorce Institute and the Vicarious Trauma Institute.




    Gadi Zohar, Esq. is a Palo Alto estate planning lawyer who combines his exclusive focus on trusts and estates law with his skills as a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist.** This combination makes him unique in his ability to listen to you fully and to translate your estate planning needs into your personal estate plan. California estate planning involves the most intimate details of your life: money, family, interpersonal relationships, business succession, and your personal values. Gadi Zohar is keenly aware of how these varied aspects of life can create complexity that people sometimes do not recognize. His unique insight can help to guide you to a plan which best reflects your values and concerns not only for maximum financial benefit, but also for maximum peace of mind.  ** Gadi Zohar does not provide professional psychotherapy or psychological counseling