Integrative Law Institute Programs

We are very proud to have as a Partner/Sponsor, The Integrative Law Institute – at Commonweal.

“The Integrative Law Institute  aims to reclaim law as a healing profession.”

The Director, Pauline Tesler, has long been a leading voice in the beginnings and growth of Collaborative Practice.

We appreciate her support of our efforts here to continue that growth.  We will also be working to supporting the growth of the Integrative Law Institute.

We at the Integrative Law Institute are strong supporters of your work, carl Michael. You have worked long and hard to bring the message of collaborative practice to lawyers, coaches, financial neutrals, and people in the community who need our services. The World of Collaborative Practice is a great resource, for which I thank you.Pauline Tesler

You can follow ILI on facebook here.    Check out their blog right here: