The Cost of Divorce to Employers

Dr. Gloria Vanderhorst, PhD, in this interview discusses some of the costs of divorce that are not always considered.   She includes references to how Collaborative Practice can help in reducing those costs, both financial AND secondary.


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Gloria Vanderhorst, Ph.D. is a Licensed Psychologist with over 35 years of experi-ence. She is a trained mediator and Collaborative Divorce professional active in a number of professional organizations. She is the former Director of Child and Adolescent Services for the Chesapeake ADHD Center of Maryland and is currently in private practice in the Washington, DC area. As a Diplomate in the American College of Forensic Psychologists, she has testified in numerous cases regarding the best interest of the child. She is currently the co-editor of an on-line magazine, The World of Collaborative Practice. To contact Dr. Vanderhorst go to


Sep24 Ken Maynard Suing your spouse to end your marriage has always struck me as absurd. Serving Documents, Applications, Answers, Requests to Admit and Affidavits. Give me a break! The participants were married to each other for crying out loud. Even if there are now irreconcilable differences, it doesn’t mean that they cannot engage in a civilized discourse and provide for the orderly division of property and agree upon necessary and adequate child or spousal support within the framework of the law. Any honest trial lawyer will tell you that litigation is crippling in the stress it creates. Collaborative Divorce as compared to litigation, is a walk in the park. Collaborative team members insist upon respectful, non-threatening communication and the process is tolerant, enlightened, and downright refined as contrasted with traditional lawsuits. Tell me what employer would not want a better and timely out come for their staff member ?

Sep12 Stephen G Anderson I’ve tried, since joining my current firm 5 years ago, to encourage a co-ordinated approach to the HR departments of local businesses – which includes Willis here in Ipswich, probably best known to most as the people who renamed your famous Sears Tower in Chicago – (imagine the Empire State Building becoming the Apple Centre!) but I’m not sure I was understood. Businesses are for the corporate & employment teams, not family it seems. It’ll be different when I leave in November, because I agree 100% with Dr Gloria. I will have a go at meeting with some local HR bods. My challenge is that there are no collaborative employment lawyers (as far as I know), so I guess I may have to take the IACP interdisciplinary training package and find out how many in England are ready for it 🙂