Gloria Vanderhorst, With Deep Gratitude and Best Wishes

It was 2010 and a few of us who had just ‘retired’ from the Editorial Board of IACP’s Collaborative Review were debriefing and talking about what we might do next to support the growth of Collaborative Practice.  Talk led to ideas and more talk and before we knew it, Gloria and I were in agreement that an online magazine could be a valuable complement to The Review.

We saw it – as available to anyone to read; as being appealing to the general public as well as the Collaborative community; as publishing pieces that were the entire range from blog posts to serious academia; as providing a venue for a broad range of contributors; as unlimited in size; as including audio and video content as well as text……

We had big dreams and  it was Gloria who gave those dreams grounding.  She kept me focused on our goal of creating something for everyone, something that would share the benefits and joys and sometimes struggles of Collaborative Practice.  She was also tireless in her efforts to gather contributors and sponsors for the magazine.  She even found the time to contribute pieces herself.

And it was her work with the authors editing their submissions that created polished pieces for the public to get the best view possible of Collaborative Practice and its practitioners.

Now Gloria has seen fit to end her involvement with The World of Collaborative Practice magazine and focus her talent back onto her counseling and other professional work.  I’m very pleased that she has agreed to allow me to consider her Editor Emeritus.  I will miss her.  I will do my best to ‘fill in’.  But what she brought to our undertaking simply cannot be replaced.

It’s been a joy and a privilege to work with you, Gloria, to bring this ‘humble’ idea into form.  I feel so happy for those whom you move on to help with your work.  InJoy! carl Michael rossi.

Gloria Vanderhorst

Gloria K. Vanderhorst, Ph.D. , Editor Emeritus