Integrating Clients’ Faith in the Collaborative Process

‘People of faith’ do face divorce.  It can present them with additional challenges in terms of available support and in maintaining their very faith.  It can seem as if they must leave their faith at the door as they enter the divorce process.    Danette Perry, MBA, MSW, LSW, has been actively working within the Collaborative Practice process, along with other local professionals, to integrate clients’ faith and related concerns within the process.  Within the Collaborative Practice approach there is a great opportunity to, as she puts it “…embrace our beliefs and integrate the virtues of our faith… [and thus] arrive at peaceful solutions and achieve the best possible future for your entire family.”

Danette will be sharing an article on this topic and plans to offer training in the approach she has developed.  Watch the future ‘pages’ of this magazine for more information.

Here she shares with an audience the source of her perspective and efforts…..


Danette Perry, MBA, MSW, LSW, inspired by the struggles of her own divorce, left the financial realm, fully committing herself to helping families reprioritize divorce in light of what’s best for their children.  Her practice includes counseling, mediation, parenting coordination, coaching, and a variety of educational programs all intended to support families experiencing trauma and conflict.  She has taken extensive training in childhood attachment issues and associated personality disorders for insight and understanding of problems faced by both blended and adoptive families.   This past year, Danette has been collaborating with Cook County Judge Michele Lowrance, the author of The Good Karma Divorce: Avoid Litigation, Turn Negative Emotions into Positive Actions, and Get On with the Rest of Your Life, toward an ancillary workshop intended to provide support and encouragement to those pursuing Judge Lowrance’s Good Karma approach to divorce. Danette has presented at the Symposium for Social Workers at Dominican University, the National Association of Social Workers, and Triton College. She is currently writing a book on the dynamics of relationships with sociopathic individuals. Her articles have been published in DuPage Woman Newspaper.