Peacemaking and Profitmaking

You support the goals of professionalism and civility…..but ‘have you met my opponents in court??’

You’d love to shift your divorce practice away from litigation.  Maybe you already ‘offer’ Collaborative Practice or Mediation services.  But you don’t want to starve, so you ‘have to keep doing litigation’.

This training is for you!

WoodyMosten3  Forrest ‘Woody’ Mosten offers an entire 2-day workshop on ‘how to’ have a satisfying and profitable Collaborative, Mediation, ‘Unbundled’…. Peacemaking Practice.   In conjunction with local co-trainers, this experience has been made available to appreciative attendees in several locations already.  In this very practical, yet deeply principled, presentation you’ll be provided with ideas, resources, and proven models of new ways of practice from which you can gain personal satisfaction AND increased income from your Peacemaking work.  You’ll see just how Professionalism and Civility AND Peacemaking can and do pay.  Sure, some things may have to change.  But we’ll go over what you may need to change, and show you how! There’s nothing wrong with wanting to make money; we want to show you that you can do that by making Peace.

Woody is a very in demand trainer, presenter and author.  Check out what else he is up to by clicking here.

You can also catch a 30 minute conversation with Woody on the topic of Profitable Peacemaking right here in this magazine, click here.

Read through the core agenda below.

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Click here: Profitable Peacemaking Core Agenda by The World of Collaborative Practice